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Month: March 2007

Happy Anniversary

I had no idea that the always-interesting Library Garden was only two days older than my blog! It’s sort of like starting at a new workplace: you have very little sense of how long your new co-workers have been there, so you just sort of assume everyone’s always been there, even if you technically know that they haven’t. But enough random babbling. Happy anniversary to everyone at Library Garden! It’s been a great year. It really has.

And since I know I won’t get around to posting tomorrow, I’m celebrating my blogaversary one day early here. After one year and 339 posts, I can honestly say that this has been the richest professional development experience I’ve had, and I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences thanks to a supportive and involved working environment. Participating in the libblog discussion has been like a year-long conference for me. But even more than that, I’ve made a lot of friends this way. People I’ve never laid eyes on but who have become part of my daily life, and people I’ve actually seen without mediation of any kind and with whom I now get to keep up. All I can say is Thank You. You guys ROCK! I’m simultaneously thrilled and terrified that I get to join you in thinking about and discussing pieces of our profession. I’ll get over being slightly intimidated eventually, but for now I’m just happy to be here.


Dinner Tomorrow Anyone

Anyone want to join me and some of my co-workers for dinner tomorrow night? I’ve never been to Baltimore, but I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out somewhere to eat. Drop me a line or a comment. :)

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Five Blogs

Curses. I’ve been hit -er- tagged. So here are five of the non-library blogs I read. Sorry they aren’t more original, but I really mostly read blogs as an enjoyable form of professional development. And of the few that aren’t library/technology/copyright related, most are anonymous by friends or family, so I don’t want to out them here. That’d just be rude. :)

  • Mouse Print: What’s not to like about a blog that’s sole purpose is to highlight the hilarious/ironic/sad small print that take the joy out of good deals?
  • Lessig Blog: The alpha and omega of copyright education, right here.
  • Search Engine Watch: Helps me pretend I’m keeping on top of the changing world of search.
  • Solution Watch: If I tried every cool new web app presented here, I’d never get any work done. But every once in a while there’s something new that I just can’t live or work without.
  • Copy this Blog: Copyright again. Informative and fun… and with a topic like copyright, that takes talent.

So that makes five. I’ve seen this done both with and without tagging, so I’ll forgo the tagging thing. But if you read this and think, “Shucks, I really wanted her to tag me,” then this is for you: “Tag! You’re it!”

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Dear Vendors

Dear Vendors,

A small forest has been chopped down, pulped, and coated with printer’s ink simply to advertise your booths. So to clear up any confusion I’ll state up front that I do plan to stroll through your booths at this and future conferences. I will stop and talk if I’m interested. I will not stop if I’m not interested even if you are giving away pencils or pens with your companies’ names engraved on them. I’ve never won anything at a drawing, so drawings don’t entice me very much, though you can try and if your prize is good enough I might relent (but DON’T send me a postcard or an email advertising this drawing). I will not contact you ahead of time (as your pile of postcards suggest I should) to make sure that you’re at your booth at any specific time. If I’m that interested, I’ll hang around your booth or check back to see when you’re there. I’m resourceful that way.

Respectfully yours,