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Yesterday evening the temperature dipped below zero (F).* Today our high (of -3) occurred near midnight and it’s simply gotten colder all day. Tomorrow we’ll bounce off the bottom (at -17) and make it all the way back up to -3 by evening. I don’t see any temps above zero until next Tuesday evening! We won’t get above 10 degrees until Friday, which is so far away that I don’t think I trust that prediction.

With the breeze, this means we’re flirting with windchill temps in the -30s and -40s all weekend.

I take back what I said. This is definitely colder than the freezing point. If you walk outside with earrings on, the post sends bolts of cold through your ear lobes. Nose hairs catch condensation as you breath out and freeze into a tiny brittle net. (I’m glad I don’t have a nose ring, or a lip piercing.) Apparently you can damage your skin (due to ice crystals exploding your skin cells) if you stay outside longer than half an hour.

On the up-side, the ice crystals on my windows are beautiful, and the warnings about dangerously cold temperatures is a great excuse to stay in, curl up under fluffy blankets, and drink steaming mugs of various hot beverages.

*Celsius translations for temperatures are -17.8, -19.4, -27.2, -19.4, -17.8, and -12.2 respectively. Translations of windchill temps are also in the -30s and -40s… interesting.

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