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Gould Goes Multi-Media

At the very beginning of Fall term here at Carleton, two other librarians and I recorded our first podcast: an audio tour of the library. But then the term hit with such force that we didn’t have time to figure out the technicalities of putting it up on the library’s web site. Turns out, we had to get the college’s web team to turn on a media page type in our CMS and then everything worked great, but it takes a certain amount of futzing to figure out what we aren’t able to do and then ask to have that done. It only took the web team a matter of seconds to fix the problem, but what with one thing and another, it took us until this week to get things figured out.

You can go here to listen to a tour of our library (and follow along on the tour map found in the blue “Related Documents” box). I take you through the bottom two floors (First and Second), so for those of you dying to know what I sound like when I talk… have at it. I kind of hope that’s not what I sound like in real life, but I’m afraid it probably is.

We’ve also loaded our “Library Survival Guide” onto that page, as well as a video we made just before graduation last year. It’s a really big file, but there are some pretty funny bits.

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  1. Mark Mark

    You have a lovely voice; well, via mp3 and cheap PC speakers. :)

    I finally listened to this while trying to clear out some things marked Keep New in Bloglines.

    We all hate the sound of our own (recorded) voices…

  2. Iris Iris

    Thanks, Mark. :)

    Unfortunately we have no download statistics to know if anyone has listened to this thing. So you might be the only one!

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