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Today it was too cold to snow. Seriously. We got UP to to 10 degrees (-12 for those of you who think in Centigrade), but it was so windy that when I went to work this morning they were warning of “dangerous” temperatures with windchills close to -30 (or -34C).

On such a day, how could I refrain from naming the class I taught “Warming Up to Library Research”? I couldn’t. But I don’t think any of the students noticed.

Today was also the first day in months that union protesters weren’t holding up their signs outside of the construction site that is apparently not using union labor. They’ve been there rain or shine, snow or fog since late summer, but they appear to draw the line at bone-cracking, life-threatening cold. I’ve grown so accustomed to driving past them several times a day that the vacuum of their absence almost palpable, and it took distinct concentration to keep my eyes on the road rather than on the spot where they should have been.

Then I felt silly for looking and looking at a spot where there was nothing to see.

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