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Now We’re "Hip Techie Reference Librarians"

The other librarians and I are pretty tickled with some good press we just got. Last year we were named the “coolest librarians” by the Minneapolis St.Paul Magazine (see the bottom of this page in the “A List” section of the January 2006 issue). This year Carleton’s alumni magazine did a piece on Net Gen students called “plugged_in@edu” (Voice, 72.1, 2006, pp 16-21). In this piece author Patricia Miller writes:

Assignments in the syllabus eventually will lead students to Gould Library, where a host of services — along with hip techie reference librarians — await to help them do research and present their findings. (20)

The article then continues with a column and a half about how “plugged in” the librarians are, how plugged in the library is, and how this space and the new classroom spaces on campus are geared toward net gen students.

My discomfort with talking about students as if they’re alien life-forms aside, it’s fun to get such positive press. I just wish they’d also included a similar mention of the amazingly wonderful IT people who actually specialize in instuctional and collaborative technology.

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