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What Are You Up To These Days?

The Carleton College reference & instruction librarians are exploring information literacy instruction and student research needs, and we would love to hear about your experiences and perspectives on these topics. So we’ve created a short survey (only 8 questions) to try to get a sense of what’s being done in other libraries and of the current state of student research. The survey is anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

This is my first survey, so I’ll be crushed if we don’t get any responses (hint, hint).

[Update: Public librarians, you can respond, too, if you work with college-age patrons or do a lot of instruction. When you get to the question that asks what type of school you work at, just indicate “Other” and tell us that you’re at a public library.]

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  1. Iris Iris

    It’s probably just for academic libraries, but I’ll see what my co-workers think.

    Basically, if you work quite a bit with students who are college-age or so, I’d imagine you could participate, but I’ll check.

  2. joshua m. neff joshua m. neff

    Looking at the questions more, it does look out of my library’s range of user education. But I suspect there are other public libraries that do more of this kind of instruction than mine does.

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