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Endeca Making More Inroads Into Libraries

Search and discovery is changing rapidly in libraries. Last January the North Carolina State University Libraries overlaid their ILS with an Endeca-powered search interface (here’s their catalog, and here’s their announcement from last January). This caused quite a bit of talk about dis-integrating out library systems and was a key feature in my research into the future of the catalog (see my list of related posts below).

Since then the NextGen Catalog listserv has undertaken to plan out the catalog of the future and WorldCat has gone open-access and web 2.0-ish.

And last night, ResourceShelf alerted me to the fact that McMaster has just overlaid their catalog with Endeca (Endeca press release here and McMaster’s news item here). If this trend continues I see three possible futures for our catalogs: our ILS vendors will improve their search interfaces, third party search vendors will get better and better at working with MARC and library ILSs, or (best of all) both the previous two will happen and libraries will have a real choice in search and discovery systems and functionality for the first time.

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