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Strong Bad Takes on Trading Cards!

I hope you’re familiar with Strong Bad, the funniest cartoon character in a helmet ever. He and his friends live over at the Homestar Runner site. (For way more fan information than you ever needed, here’s the Wikipedia entry.)

Anyway, periodically Strong Bad answers email from fans, and my co-worker just found his answer to this email:

Hey Strong Bad-
You should have trading cards … with a stick of gum in them.
Nerdly Yours,
Daniel, N.S. Canada (which Strong Bad narrates as “Not Safe in Canada”)

For his answer, click here.

p.s. In completely unrelated news… Our new trading cards are great! They’re way more superhero-ish than they were last year. They aren’t up online yet, but they’re coming SOON.

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  1. Jason Jason

    I hate to destroy your preconceptions, but Strong Bad isn’t wearing a “helmet.”

    He’s wearing a Lucha Mask, popular in Mexican professional wrestling.

    And no, I don’t want to explain how I know that.

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