3 thoughts on “Grrrrr

  1. Oh, I feel your pain!

    To try and avoid that, I write all but my shortest posts in a text editor, and then paste in to the blog software. I even write some longer blog comments there, as it allows me to save it and come back later (when I have cooled down, or checked my “facts” :) ).

    Here is way too much information about all that.

  2. And that’s yet more evidence that I am a baby blogger. Up until today, I figured that transfering around between text editors and browsers would be too much of a pain. I’ve only done it when I had something to write but couldn’t get an interent connection….

    Now I know better.


  3. Doing it that way also makes it easier (I think) to keep track of what Andrea Mercado calls The Long Queue of unfinished, notional, or ill-advised posts that you aren’t ready to publish.

    Surely not everyone does it that way, but it works for me. Just don’t use MS Word.

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