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Phrases that Mean Something to Immersion Folks

“Back Voice!”

“I’m craving pizza.”

“Sleepin’ on my slab.”

Immersion was great. I’m way to completely brain dead to say anything coherent about it now, but I’m glad I came. Tomorrow morning I’ll head back to Minnesota (and away from this 100+ degree weather). I sure hope this trip goes better than last time’s trip.

Today I spent the afternoon at the New England Aquarium (one of the few places I remember vividly from when I lived here 16 years ago). What fun to realize that that it really is as cool as I remembered.

I even got to see the same deep-sea turtle that was there the last time I was there. She’s getting up there. Myrtle the Turtle is about 70 years old now, and she’s been at this aquarium since it opened. (More pictures of Immersion are here, and of the aquarium are here.)

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