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Bowling and Information Literacy

Bowling is good, especially when you’re with a whole bunch of other librarians and the entire place (pool tables, 10 lanes, and food) are provided for you and only you. We each got one free drink, too, but quite a few people weren’t drinking, so a several people got LOTS of free drinks. That was kind of amusing.

Of course, bowling would have been a lot less hilarious if it had been actual bowling and not candlepins (which I haven’t played since I was 11). Those tiny little bowling balls and the skinny little pins sure do make the game a challenge, especially for those who were benefiting from the generosity of the non-drinkers in the bunch.

10:00 came sooner than we thought it would, though, and we all had to troop back to campus in our big ol’ touring busses. Now the next challenge is to get myself into a sleepy state so I can get all rested, fresh, and ready for another morning of classes.

[Update: Jason is the only one I know who took his camera along, and he’s posted his photos here.)

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