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Lost Trees

Yesterday morning, as I left the library to go to a Moodle meeting (remember, we’ve adopted Moodle as our course management system, so now the IT department and the library are working to make implementation as painless and effective as possible), I noticed that they were cutting down the two trees in front of the library. How sad.

I realize that even after months of daily watering they were still developing the tree version of male pattern baldness, but I didn’t think they were that sick. Now the walk up to the library looks so bare. (The grass doesn’t look so hot either. Or rather, it looks a little too hot.)

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  1. Tom Tom

    Odd coincidence: I read your post yesterday and then came into work today and they were taking down trees outside our library. I have no idea why. Maybe trees are just too 1.0 for some people?

  2. Iris Iris

    Which raises the question, what comes next? Tree-shaped sculptures covered in leaves that generate electricity, send and receive wireless signals, allow commenting and tagging, and re-order themselves according to each passerby’s preference?

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