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Jiggity Jog

I’m home again, home again after my first full week of pure relaxation since I started working here. I really must do this more often. It’s not like they don’t give me enough vacation days.

Ah, well. Live and learn.

I’m a little luckier than most in that classes don’t start here until two weeks from today. Of course, I’ll pay the piper come June, when we’re still in session and everybody else is running off to their lake homes, but June’s so very far away. And things have really started to ramp up in the library already.

Yes, I’m already thinking with misty eyes and a fond heart of all the little “side” projects I’d wanted to finish by now and haven’t. (I’ve been doing a decent job with the important jobs, but they aren’t always the fun jobs.) For example, there’s my practice wiki. Apparently, it couldn’t compete with the much-needed revamping of my current subject pages. But I promise, little wiki, I’ll get back to you later. I also really wanted to continue planning for our dream research portal and learn more about web design. There were also books to read, research to complete for a paper I’ve been working on, and the list goes on and on and on. Like Liz, many of my summer resolutions fell victim to everything from conferences to late evenings with a book and the sunset.

I can tell you one thing I’m glad of, though, even with the summer coming to an end. I’m glad of the return of routine. I’m a creature of habit, and when my routine is thrown off I flounder. I even give up such easy things as taking my vitamins in the morning if I’ve been disrupted! I love a change but I need the changes to give way to blessed sameness every once in a while, even if that sameness consists of insanely busy work days.

I’m also glad that this isn’t my first year at this job any more. I can build on last year rather than start from scratch all over again. So I guess that’s two things I’m glad of.

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  1. Iris Iris

    I’m kind of surprised, but you’re right. I am ready. What’s more, I know I’ll think back to this comment in a couple of weeks and wonder what in the world prompted me to have so much optimism…. but what’s life without a little optimism?

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