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And She’s Back! (or, Still Alive After Presenting)

It’s been an incredible couple of days since I posted last. Thursday was “The Big Presentation” that I’ve been worrying about and preparing for for the last several weeks. (All that for 15 minutes of fame…) People tell me it went well, but I honestly can’t remember very much about it. I remember wondering how I was supposed to move away from behind the podium when the microphone was firmly attached there and wires (most of which were taped down) surrounded me. I remember wondering if it’d make me look even smaller if I stood closer to that HUGE screen. I don’t remember my legs shaking, but they were pretty sore that night, so they must have been doing their own thing (I’m just glad I didn’t fall over). I remember shuffling my papers (though thankfully not ever reading from them) way more often than was actually necessary. I also remember trying desperately not to offend the people from Innovative as I suggested that the ILS is too integrated and too monolithic to serve libraries.

I think I managed not to alienate anyone, but I know that my message got through to the audience because people came up to me afterward to discuss the pros and cons of getting bits of functionality from different places. If anyone wants to see my PowerPoint presentation, it’s here. I’ve added some fleshed out speaking notes to it because there really aren’t any words on the slides. (I prefer to make slides composed mostly of “pretty pictures,” many of which move.)

I presented right after Dinah Sanders, who talked about the Library As Community, and who mentioned all sorts of cool things that are coming in Millennium Encore (2007). Here Comes Tagging!!!!! (Not to mention reviews, ratings, relevance ranking, faceting, and a whole lot more.) I’m sure she remembers what she actually said while up there on that stage…

After that day, I went home and sat on the porch for a few hours doing absolutely nothing. Then I watched stupid TV till my eyes bugged out before crawling into bed. Friday and Saturday were the first real days off I’ve had in a long, long time. And it was great to spend them with my parents. (The dog and the cat even called a truce for the first time in their lives!) And today I’m back at work for the last Sunday reference shift at the end of the school year.

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