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It’s All a Head Game

I’m still laboring over my silly little 15-20 minute presentation. I’m VERY pleased that last week I collected detailed screen shots of everything I wanted to show because now one of the catalogs I was going to use as an example is off line! (I was originally inspired to go the full screen shot route rather than live demo because of a couple of spectacular failures I saw recently at another conference.)

Luckily, after Thursday morning I won’t have to slog away at this any more. It’s all a head game, I know. If I hadn’t been surprised to see my name listed as one of the two-person KEYNOTE panel at the conference (when I’d thought it was just any old panel discussion) I’d have finished the stupid thing by now. What I’d give for a brain transplant some days. All I want is to be brilliant, confident, and witty, and I suppose charming wouldn’t be a bad idea either… Is that too much to ask?

What a way to enter into the conference presentation arena… I’ve never presented at an event before.

On a happier note, my mom and dad and wonderful, huge, 100-pound dog are going to be arriving any second now, and they’re staying until Sunday. I just hope the dog and the cat can make peace by then, though that’s doubtful. I can see it all now: after two days of them going after each other my neighbors will collectively petition to have me evicted.

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