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It’s a … CMS! (Isn’t it cute…)

After two years of deliberations, testing, talking, and not a little hair-pulling, my campus has finally decided to adopt Moodle rather than Sakai. This decision, which was made just about 20 minutes ago, is the culmination of weekly meetings for the last 10 weeks. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours in the last couple of months sifting through surveys, usability studies, and pedagogical issues, and I can say with full sincerity that I’m very pleased with our decision. Sakai has so much potential but is just not as polished as Moodle.

I’m flying pretty high right now. It’s going to be quite a job to keep my concentration going today (yes, I am at work because my college doesn’t take today off), but I’ve got to just grit my teeth and do it. My presentation won’t organize itself

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