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Google Notebook

A co-worker just alerted me to Google Notebook. It’s kind of like a web version of EverNote. I’m still playing around with it, but if you have it’s associated Firefox extension plugged in you can get little icons next to search results which will shoot the result page into your notebook. You can open your notebook by clicking the icon that gets embedded into the bottom bar of your browser, and you can edit you notes. You can also have several notebooks and choose which you want to be public and which you want to be private.

Google’s taking over the world!

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  1. CW CW

    It really does seem like Google is taking over the world, doesn’t it??

    Thanks for the info on Google Notebook. Might have to take a closer look sometime…

    The time here is 5:46am ;)

  2. Iris Iris

    Still too early for sane people. :)

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