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Categories? Tag Clouds? So Many Decisions. (Plus an unrelated note)

I’d just reconciled myself to the idea of not having categories in my blog (because I use Blogger). I’d told myself, “It’s ok. Actually, the tag cloud is better. It’s cooler, more spontaneous, cooler, oh yeah, and cooler. Categories are for old folks.” (I’m very good at rationalizations.) Well, now I find out (via this amazing blog I just found) that there’s a hack that could let me have categories to my heart’s content (you can find it here).

But here’s the thing… My sidebar is pretty full. I keep tweaking it, and moving more of my blogroll to the folders in my bloglines account that don’t get displayed on my sidebar, etc., but I can’t think of a good way to make more space. So now I’m wondering, to category or not to category…that is the question. Would this be more useful than my tag cloud? Does any one have a preference? Do I do both? Oh, the decisions!

On a completely unrelated note, I think Stephen did end up “scratching some assumptions” on Monday, and the future is showing through (see his response to my post). Thanks Stephen! And, as I said in the comments there, I didn’t mind a bit that the talk went long. Great talk.

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