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Why Pegasus?

Pegasus, that winged horse from mythology, combines the symbolic characteristics of those mythological figures most closely related to him: emotion from his father, Poseidon, wisdom from his protectress, Athena, creativity from his master, Zeus, and love from his nursemaid, the Muse Urania. He was also around the other Muses quite a lot, Perseus (known for his intellect), Bellerophon (known for his impudence), and Medusa (known for her wisdom, as well as her snake-ish hair… but that doesn’t seem to have worn off on Pegasus).

All of these things put together have generated quite a complex symbolic aura for Pegasus. There’s even a syndrome named after him! But my favorite symbolic concept places Pegasus at the point where innovation, creativity, wisdom, deliberation, and a healthy sense of humor intersect. That’s the place I’d like teachers, learners, and librarians to inhabit.

[posted edited 3/19/2019 to remove dead links]

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