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Remembering Toff


Toff the campus cat lived a charmed life here, sneaking into dorm rooms, sauntering up to the reference desk, or serving as greeter in the student union. His Facebook page was very popular, and he’d use it to tell us what he’d been up. Each year on his April 1st birthday the food service on campus would make birthday pastries to stock the dining halls and cafe, and the library would display Toff’s pick of books. He got elected to the student senate as a write-in candidate, and he probably attended more lectures on campus than I have, and he has his own video. And on Sunday he died of cancer.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press ran his obituary today, and his Facebook page has had over 11,400 hits since Sunday. The campus radio station is doing a “we found Toff’s iPod and will play selections” show tomorrow. He will be missed. But according to his last Facebook post he’s doing well:

Hey, you guys!! Thanks for all the kind words. Just to let you know that I got here safely, and this is some cool campus! Are there ever some awesome white birds flying around up here! I miss you, but just know that I am happy, really happy. And Pete has kitty treats! Toff

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