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Once is a fluke, three times is a trend: Digital humanities arrive in my world

I’d kind of expected a slow ramp-up. After all, this is the humanities, and as a humanist myself I know that change does happen, but only as long as you don’t watch for it too hard, kind of like watching water boil.  This term, the water boiled.

Within the space of two weeks, three students from three different language & literature majors came to me for advice on scanning, OCR, conventions of web design, hypertext literature, digital annotations, and (of course) copyright. For two of these, the students were developing senior thesis projects outside of the usual templates of a research paper or essay exam.

I foresee discussions about a coordinated support model for student work in the digital humanities in my near future. Luckily, the data services group has been meeting for a couple of years already and probably has some good advice about mounting a service that requires input from multiple departments on campus, so hopefully we can crib from their work.

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