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Last Week of Classes

It’s the last week of Fall Term here at Carleton. In fact, tomorrow is the last day of classes. Then we get two days of reading days followed by our infamous Saturday, Sunday, Monday exam schedule.

Some year it’ll cease to surprise me when I get blindsided by extra work this week. Students panic over their final assignments (like, literally hyperventilate at the reference desk or navigate the computer with shaky hands in my office). Interlibrary Loan isn’t really an option any more, so we have to work a lot harder to find workable evidence for some arguments. Freshmen, faced with their first “long” papers are having trouble negotiating topic size. Everyone’s just a little more stressed and impatient (including me). And it’s quite possible to work with one student for 45 minutes on three citations. (I know this because I just did.)

Meanwhile we’re also gearing up for Winter “Break” activities. Planning has ramped up for the December faculty development workshops here on campus, the copyright committee has a work-in scheduled, and all the other committees and working groups and task forces I’m on are looking forward to the amount of work they can accomplish during “break.”

At the same time, various holidays and special family days are coming up, all of which require preparation and planning.

Some year I’ll see this coming and prepare… somehow. Tonight, though, I’m going to forget all about everything and let my brain turn off for a few hours.

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