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Mid-October Already

We’re already at mid-term. Even saying that I can’t really believe it, but wishing it weren’t so doesn’t change the facts.

It’s been kind of a rough Fall term so far. More project work and less student interaction than I’m used to. The college approved a new set of graduation requirements, and we’ve got this year to figure out how to implement them, which seemed like a long time for about the first 10 minutes after the proposal passed. I’m also planning a review of our Research/IT service now that it’s been up and running for a few years, and we’re going to look seriously at changing our catalog. The library has merged with the college archives. We’re down by two staff. I’m heading up a project to help all of us keep up with the wider world of librarianship in a way that’s both easy and fun (keep your fingers crossed). We’re getting used to LibGuides and MetaLib… And that’s just the bigger stuff that impacts my life. There’s a whole lot that others are working on, too.

On top of it all, I’ve been sick. Missing a bunch of work sure isn’t helping with the deadlines, lemme tell you. Though honestly, I’m still too tired to feel any emotional pull behind that last sentence. Intellectually I know that there’s a fan pretty close by, and I’m hoping nothing hits it, but it feels for all the world like I know this about someone else’s life and not my own. So my current plan is to get as much as I can done while I’m still in this detached zone so that by the time I wake up and realize that this is my life that’s about to explode, most of the hard work will already be done.

That’s the plan, anyway.

My plan for the next 10 minutes is to convince myself that standing up and getting ready for work is a good idea.

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