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New Research Guides Went Live!

This is probably only really exciting for me, but I’m SO EXCITED, so I thought I’d share. Those libguides we were working on over the last few months? Well, they went live today with the start of classes. I give you … [insert drum roll here] … Gould Guides!

Now, as with any transition, some things still need some work (by which I mean nearly all of our “general” guides, which will get updated as time allows, and certainly before Winter term), but the meat of it is done. And making the transition gave us all a wonderful oportunity to think carefully about the purpose of our guides, redesign most of them, spark renewed interest with our faculty, and talk amongst ourselves about each of our tips and tricks for making research guides as useful as possible.

As soon as our MetaLib upgrade happens, we’ll also start peppering these guides with highly customized search boxes… but doing that before the upgrade will just be an exercise in frustration, so we’re holding off. That’s another whole story and set of headaches…

But for now, the message is: Yay! GouldGuides!!! So excited!!!!!

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