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It Happened One Day

Every year there’s one day in August when Summer work ends and Fall insanity begins. There’s no way to predict when this day will happen, and the transition takes place over the space of a few hours or even a few minutes.

Yesterday was that day.

And so today I set my alarm back and got to work extra early, packed a lunch that I could eat at my desk, prioritized my day so that I could spend the day working on things that can’t travel home and then pack the rest to bring home with me, took my first break at 4:15 to go see the new dorms on campus, took my second break to drive home when they locked up the library on me, and then spent the rest of the evening with papers spread around me on the couch.

On the up-side, I used InDesign for the first time today, and I can already tell that it’s far more powerful than I’d anticipated. I felt almost guilty for being so pressed for time that I only explored the few features that were most important to my project. I kind of want to take a graphic design/layout class, actually.

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