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As I do every Monday during the summer, I opened up my Depressingly Long List Of Summer Projects (hereafter referred to as the DLLOSP). I keep a running list of things to do, major or minor in an Evernote notebook creatively named “tasks.” It has one “note” for each committee or major project, and one for everything else. It is this Everything Else note that holds the DLLOSP.

I wish there were a way to burn Evernote Notes.

Anyway, I opened this list to do my Monday routine of glancing over it, making priorities for the week, and developing my “do right now or as soon as humanly possible” task list at the top of the note. And today, with many of my librarian friends reporting the return of students or the start of classes, I realized that I’ve only checked off a miniscule portion of my big projects for the summer. Like, maybe 10%. WHERE DID THE TIME GO???

More importantly, what will I do to whittle down the DLLOSP in the next couple of weeks? Honestly, I think finishing the projects listed there will be impossible, and that’s coming from one who’s usually optimistic to a fault. So the question becomes, which tasks will have the least dire consequences if they don’t get done?

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