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Planning for New Trading Cards

Today was the first of three solid days of meetings for me. We’ve blocked off these three days for my department to work on the collaborative summer projects that have been stacking up and not getting done. And today, we didn’t do so badly. We learned to use the “Create Lists” function in III’s Millennium interface, saw our departmental profile in Blackwell’s online collection development interface, developed our departmental goals for the coming school year, and took care of several other conversations that needed to happen but haven’t really had a proper venue. What’s more, that’s exactly what we said we’d accomplish today, so that felt good.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about citation management software, make decisions about databases we have and want, and train each other on some of our new databases or on databases that have changed platform (so, for instance, the social sciences librarian will introduce us to a couple of new social sciences databases that might be useful to us and that we might want to know about as we work at the reference desk).

And then on Wednesday we’ll talk about our new trading cards. This meeting always makes me uncomfortable.

The first year I was here it was uncomfortable because I was afraid it’d be hokey. Well… it kind of was, but in the best possible way. I absolutely loved my first trading card. I didn’t know how we could top it. So last year I was worried we’d change to a new design or color scheme or… whatever, that’d ruin it. I’d grown really fond of my card. But last year’s card turned out even better than the year before, so that fear was averted.

This next year, there’s talk of changing our theme. So this year I’ve started mourning my current card again. I really love my current card. I’ve grown used to it. I feel like it fits me well… like a well-worn pair of jeans. Only way cooler. How could a new design possibly be better, I wonder?

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