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The "Pre-Conference" Was Fun

I got here yesterday afternoon, shelled out for wireless, and took myself down to the lobby in the hopes of randomly recognizing people I’ve never met…. Yeah, don’t ask me what I hoped. But it actually worked! In the end 10 of us went to dinner, and then an untold number took over (and significantly rearranged) the comfy seating area by the hotel bar. I met ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE!!!! What fun. I’ve been reading Jessamyn, Nicole, and Michelle for almost as long as I’ve been reading blogs, but this was the first time I’d actually met them. And it was great to see Jason, Tom, and Meredith again. I also met Michael Sauers, David Lee King, and David Free and I think that’s everyone. If I left someone out, please remember that it was very hard to hear most of the time…

After a day of traveling and a flight that really, at it’s heart, wanted to be a roller coaster ride (did I mention the weather here? Yeah. Planes don’t like descending through that stuff…) it was nice to kick back and just have a good time.

I expect great things from the sessions today! If you see someone in jeans and a brown sweater, hair up in a clip, carrying a laptop around, say Hi, hopefully it’ll be me. If it’s not me, say Hi anyway and then keep looking for me. :)

[Updated to add names and links.]

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