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A Twitterish Update

Hmmmm… So I was chatting with CW Sunday night (for me, Monday morning for her) and decided to get myself a Twitter account. Why go on being completely confused by something I hadn’t tried? So I tried it, and now all of a sudden I’ve got 5 friends. How did that happen? I’m confused again. I suppose they were friends of CW and saw me that way.

So for all 5 of my followers out there, I might remember to update the thing every once in a while, but don’t hold your breath too hard. Think of the times you’ve IMed me only to discover that I’d forgotten to change the notification. Now multiply that by a million to account for the fact that I actually use IM for my work, so I try to keep on top of the notifications.

So I’m trying it. So far… it’s ok. Nothing great. But then, I don’t have family who are constantly (or really ever) online, and the same with my friends. So I don’t have the same incentive that other people might.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Steven!

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