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Free Beta Open-Source CMS

The Web Services Group at my college has developed a Content Management System that the whole college has been using for a couple of years. Last year the library migrated over to this system (and instantly became the “power users” on campus), and just the day before yesterday the current version was released as a beta open-source CMS called Reason.

Earlier this month there were a spate of messages on Web4Lib talking about the pros and cons of a CMS, and a few people wondering if there were any cheep ones out there. Well, this one’s free, but it’s beta. It’s a very good beta, but still…

I’m no techie, but the guys that built this thing work within the library (they don’t work for the library, but their offices are here), so I can hook you up if you have questions.

In other open-source news, Northeastern University has incluced our material type icons in their catalog. Cool!

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