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Crazy Dream

I don’t know if it’s something I ate or what, but I’ve had the craziest dream. My Immersion 06 classmates and I were competing to create gourmet drinks (mine had something to do with cola and canned fruit with ice… but it was so much more complicated than that, and probably just as revolting as that sounds), and Tim Gunn from Project Runway was judging us.

I’d just been told to “make it work,” when I discovered I had to blow my nose, so I used a tissue from a pile I found in one corner of the table. I had no idea that this was the center piece of a creation by Jason, and apparently he thought I’d deliberately sabotaged his project. He was so mad that he ground up a glass ball (like the ones you hang on Christmas trees) into my drink!

All I can say is that I would never knowingly sabotage your tissue-esque greatness, Jason. Please don’t try to kill me with tiny shards of glass.

I think I’ll try to get more sleep in the next few days, and maybe drink soothing tea before bed. Though there’s no break in my schedule for a bit yet. Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll just have to put up with wacky dreams for a bit.

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