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No Thank You

There’s a nice little eatery in town with wonderful ice cream and good lunch offerings. My co-worker and I went there recently, and I asked if they put eggs into their bread. I wanted a sandwich, but I’m allergic to eggs (they make me crazy for four days — a little dyslexic and a lot moody). The answer came back, yes. Bummer.

We were just going to leave and find another spot for lunch when one of the little ladies that works there came flying out of the kitchen to say that there’s normally egg in the bread, but they’d forgotten it this morning. Wonderful! We decided to stay for lunch.

The little lady behind the counter was so excited that things had worked out. Was this our first time stopping for lunch? Accidents sure could work in our favor, couldn’t they? What luck they weren’t always perfect. The bread really wasn’t any worse off without the egg. She’s not quite sure why they always put the egg in there. But people will follow recipes… Oh, and as to the specifics of the sandwich: “Would you like egg salad on that?”

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