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Here Come the Trading Cards

I had my photo-shoot for this year’s trading cards. We got a couple of good pictures (I promise I’ll let you know when we’ve decided on one), and I had a blast tapping my inner super-hero… until I found out that the entire shoot had been held during the normal staff break time right outside of the windows to the break room. Apparently our metadata librarian turned to my supervisor and asked, “Why is half your team out there posing for each other.” Oh well. At least we had it better than my co-worker who had the president of the college walk past her while she did the same thing yesterday. (Although, I gotta say, to all of the prospective students and their parents who were in that college tour that walked past us today as we tried to figure out the super-est super-hero poses possible, we really aren’t insane. Really, we aren’t. Please keep Carleton on your radar even if it’s librarians are a little out there.)

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