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It Was Only a Small Project…

The other librarians and I are going to experiment with online calendars next year. We’re moving away (possibly) from paper sign-up sheets for individual appointments with students, and instead we’re each going to use a Google calendar to display our availability to everyone on campus. We’ve decided that it’s probably best to embed the calendar in an HTML page, to keep our personal email addresses less visible, and to provide some instructions on how to request an appointment. So today I thought I’d through up an HTML page and see how this embedded calendar thing looked…

Now, to most people, this would be a project that might fill that down-time between your last big project and lunch. You know them, those few minutes after everything else is ready for you to go to lunch, but before it’s actually time to go. Yeah, that’s how long it should have taken. But then it looked so blah.

I know! I’ll jazz it up with some CSS! Great, only I don’t know CSS, like, at all. I understand that the HTML looks at the CSS when deciding how to look and where to put itself, but that’s about it. So I spent basically the rest of the day teaching myself CSS. I now have a page that has a header, a footer, a left-hand sidebar, and a right-hand sidebar. The middle even re-sizes itself depending on the width of the browser screen. I’m pretty pumped. Still no calendar in there… but that’ll come tomorrow.

Oh, and for any of you wanting to do ANYTHING with HTML or CSS, get yourself the Web Developer Firefox extension. It lets you look at, manipulate, and save HTML and CSS from any page you visit online.

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