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Being a Patron

Note: If the title sounds an awful lot like titles of much more thoughtful and useful articles you’ve read in the last couple of days, it is purely … um … thievery. But the title fits.

I went to my local public library this week, as I do quite often. It’s a small library, but they have a decent collection of books and quite a good collection of videos, dvds, and audio books (good for those long drives to other towns, through corn fields, which still mess with this city girl’s head). I had just gotten back from the wedding and family reunion week, and I knew I had a book on tape checked out (Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, part 2 of 3), but I thought it was due the next week. It wasn’t. It was already three days overdue.

“Did you bring back “Atlas Shrugged” today?” asked the circulation lady.

“No,” I replied, still wondering why she’d want me to bring back a book that was due next week.

“Oh, because its a little overdue, but let me just renew it for you,” the circulation lady say, without any hesitation at all.

Just like that, she renewed my overdue book. It made my day. Kudos to the Northfield Public Library for putting customer service over ILS messages. (And btw, she did the same thing for the three overdue videos of the family in front of me.)

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