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In The Company of Friends

Well, today could have been less than delightful. But it wasn’t. I got a bunch of raw material dumped into my practice wiki (absolutely no attempt at usability, yet, just content copied and pasted from other places). I thought more about librarianship and privacy. And I got to chat with a few kind souls who heard my plea for human interaction. Hands down, this last was the best part of the day. You guys are the best.

I also heard from one of my co-workers who updated me on her ALA experience. She met Jenny Levine and helped gut a house. Very cool.

Oh, but my wiki… I’m a little frustrated that I can’t change the preferences I set when I set up the site. I can change the look of the site, and even the name, but not who can contribute or edit the site. So for now, I think you might have to be invited in order to edit anything. Hopefully they’ll figure out how to let me change my preferences soon.

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