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What a Day

There’ve been some highs and some lows today, and now I’m completely drained. It all started with a first-thing-in-the-morning dentist appointment (I clench my teeth so hard at night that I chip my teeth). That’s always fun. Then there was work, which was fine, but I was tired because last night (my night shift) a student caught me just as I was leaving at 10:00. I finally actually left at 10:40. Not long before leaving work today my best friend wrote to tell me that her boyfriend is missing (so she’s just a little stressed about that, as you can imagine), and then a co-worker and I got into a big discussion about privacy. (I don’t think she would have liked my recent post, but I’m so glad to work with people who actually discuss this kind of thing.)

So by the time I got home from work, I was pretty fried, and I still had to call my friend (who as of this writing still hasn’t heard anything about her missing boyfriend). So what do I do when I’m fried? I go blog surfing. And I’m always rewarded. Tonight’s prize for most interesting post goes to … (drum role please) … The Ubiquitous Librarian for his post about free document delivery. I absolutely think this is important for libraries to think about and implement if time and staffing allow. And if time and staffing don’t allow, we should be thinking about why that is and trying to remedy it. (I think there’s still a place for LC in libraries, but he wasn’t actually arguing for abolishing it, just for interrogating our uses of it.)

At one point he asks, “So the question is — do we want to be Blockbuster or Netflix?” My answer: we want to be both. We want to be Blockbuster to the people who want or need Blockbuster, and Netflix to the people who want or need Netflix.

Well, back to my semi-doldrums. If it weren’t getting so hot here, maybe I’d have more energy and pep. Or maybe I’m just tired and need about a month of sleep.

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