Today’s non-Demo Class

I’m sure you’re all on pins and needles wondering if I was able to pull off my new non-demo class today. Well… it wasn’t horrible, exactly… Here’s the rundown.

I did almost no clicking or typing. All search terms were arrived at by the students, and about 80% of the clicking was done by the students. So that was good. But part way through I got nervous that I couldn’t really tell what they had learned or what they still needed, so I started talking… and talking … and talking. Part of me was watching from the sidelines yelling “Shut up, shut up, shut up” at the rest of me. But the rest of me is deaf. Still, by the end the kids were engaging with each other and asking questions and reaching for the keyboard… so it can’t have been all bad. I just need to relax and SHUT UP.

Still, now I’ve tried to break the mold, and I’ve cracked it a little, but with practice I hope it’ll get better. It WILL get better. I’m sticking to my pledge (see the very bottom of this post).

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