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Half Life

I’m so disappointed. I’ve been working for the last few hours to try to get myself into Second Life, but it’s just not working. Apparently you can’t run this game if you have a graphics card from Intel, which I do. Of course, I only figured this out after spending an eternity wandering through Intel’s web site looking for an updated driver because the error message in SL said that my Intel driver was out of date and I needed to update it. They didn’t say anything about “updating” it to a completely different company until I got to the tech support wiki.

I was so psyched. I’d have been named Pegasus Ingraham. Just roles off the tongue, doesn’t it? But now I have to stay with my feet firmly planted in this life. I guess it could be worse… What if I had the wrong graphics card for this life?!?

Have fun trying new things, all you with better computers than mine. I’ll be watching out for all the patrons of my current life while you meet and greet in that tantalizing space from which I am barred.

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