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Loving Firefox, Hating the Memory Drain

I LOVE Firefox 2.0, but I actually can’t run it on my 4-year-old laptop at home because it uses too much memory. This screenshot was taken after only a few minutes of running on my work desktop!

What do I love? I love, love, love spell check. I love Zotero. I love having individual tab close buttons (though this took a bit of getting used to). I love Control-Tabbing through my open tabs. And I love easy RSS subsriptions.

But mostly I love spell check.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until they fix the memory leak before putting it onto my personal laptop. Phooey.

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  1. Julian Julian

    That’s the trade-off of having multiple tabs open. I can’t live without that feature… but it does attack the memory. I had to adjust to the tab close buttons, too. It’s a bit of an inconvenience with a touch pad, but with a standard mouse, middle-clicking works the same as always. The tab list drop-down doesn’t seem as useful to me yet.

    I wonder how IE7 compares with the memory issue… but I am not that adventurous.

  2. Iris Iris

    But with earlier versions of ff, I could have lots of tabs open without crashing my computer. There’s gotta be some way put a lid on this memory thing. I’ve even uninstalled most of the extensions I use, so I’m down to just a couple of really light ones at home.

    Actually, I think part of the problem with ff2 is that they’ve included a bunch of the exentions I’ve decided to do without in their core application. Now I can’t turn them off.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Firefox needs to fix the memory drain. I don’t buy the open tabs as being the source of the drain. I use Google Chrome and have the same tabs that I have in Firefox.

    The difference is that I can keep Chrome open and using the tabs constantly and after several hours, I have lost little to no memory.

    When I open Firefox, I can only use it for about an hour, then I have to reboot it to get my memory back. It starts eating up memory right away, whether I use the tabs or not.

  4. Iris Iris

    Wow. It doesn’t drain that much memory for me. It’s still my default browser and I still love it, but yeah, it’d be nice if it didn’t require quite so much memory.

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