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That Whole Tagging Thing

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I haven’t been tagging my posts at all. There’s no good reason for this. Pure laziness (and forgetfulness) is all there is to it. There was no way I could see myself remembering to type in all the link code at the end of every post. But I just found a cool bookmarklet that will help me. You just copy the code found in this post into the “location” box of a new bookmark. Then every time you click the bookmarklet you get a little dialog box into which you can type your tags. Click “OK” and it spits out the HTML you can paste into your blog post.

Now, will I remember to tag stuff… We’ll see. We’ll also see if I can come up with any useful tags. How do you tag meandering posts about tagging, for example?

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I’ve added the options to save to and email posts that come over my feedburner feed. It’s been a blogarific evening.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Blogger Beta has built-in tagging… I just play and don’t do it seriously on my personal blog. I spose it is amusing to see how many of your posts are pure “navel-gazing” or whatever, but on a personal blog I don’t know that it’s that important…

  2. Iris Iris

    I guess if I were using built in tagging functions I’d be more inclined to use them as categories. That would be nice and useful for me, and I could gather together all the posts that are pure navel-gazing.

    This technorati thing is a little creepier, though, in that I have to tag posts for people who don’t necessarily read my blog. Not only that, but the links don’t gather my related posts; they gather all technorati-ized posts with that tag. This feels more like cateloging, and I’m a little scared of it.

    But only a little. I’ll give it a try. Still, I might give up on it entirely… we’ll see.

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