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RIP FriendFeed, 2007-2015

friendfeedYou’d think I’d have a lot to say about the shuttering of FriendFeed, my online community, the place where I lived day in and day out for nearly 8 years (which matches the longest span of time I’ve lived in any physical neighborhood in my life). I’ve made and lost friends, mourned death, celebrated birth and marriage, learned to engage with opposing and complementary views, and generally grown up as a person and as a librarian on FriendFeed.

But I find I don’t have much to say as Facebook turns out the lights on us today and does whatever Facebook does with servers it no longer supports. What could anyone possibly say?

Heading to ACRL to Give an Unexpected Workshop

So, you know me. I think a lot about information literacy, instruction, sometimes technology, sometimes copyright… So I’m not presenting a workshop on any of those things at ACRL. Nope, I’m presenting with one of my colleagues (the wonderful Kristin Partlo) on the topic of emergency planning.

“But tornadoes and active shooter incidents in libraries have so little to do with library instruction,” you say. And not too long ago I would have totally agreed with you. But it turns out that there’s just a whole ton of overlap between customer service, instruction, and emergency planning.

The workshop still has some openings (as of the moment I pushed publish), if you want you can still join us in what I promise will not be a terrifying presentation about all the ways you can die unexpectedly. Really, I swear. It’s actually going to be pretty action packed and cheerful and extremely practical even if you’re not The Person In Charge of Emergencies at your library. So join us!

Here’s the official blurb:

Emergency Planning for Safe Learning Environments: Simple, Sustainable Solutions for Complex Times

Our libraries are high-traffic, public spaces that are vulnerable to many kinds of threats, but planning for emergencies does not have to be onerous or unpleasant or done only by administrators. Come design a practical plan to initiate and carry out workplace safety discussions at your library, identify stakeholders in your community, and implement simple but effective measures to guard your own safety and that of your user community.