Full Twitterish Disclosure

So I was confused about Twitter. It didn’t seem particularly useful. And it’s not. But it sure is fun. Actually, I’ll qualify that by saying that it sure is fun if you’re selective about who and how many people you befriend (though a couple people seem to be having a grand ol’ time befriending the

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IMing With New Faculty

I had a brand new experience yesterday afternoon. A faculty member who will be joining the Music department in the fall was exploring the library web site, landed on my liaison page, and IMed me (via my Meebo box) from his current residence in Finland! What fun!

A Twitterish Update

Hmmmm… So I was chatting with CW Sunday night (for me, Monday morning for her) and decided to get myself a Twitter account. Why go on being completely confused by something I hadn’t tried? So I tried it, and now all of a sudden I’ve got 5 friends. How did that happen? I’m confused again.

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Twitter Tweet?

Can somebody please clue me in? Twitter looks… cute. But I don’t get it. Why would anyone care what I was doing every minute of every day? I’m really not that interesting. And how would I remember to update it every second? And… just… why? [Update: I see David has the same question. Help us,

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