Teaching in Circles

Earlier this week I listened in fascination and envy while three professors reported on their experience as an unlikely teaching circle. Teaching circles, here, are groups of three faculty from different departments who team up to observe each other outside the normal departmental observation schedules. This particular teaching circle sounded like a those old “walked

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Morning of Nerddom: appointment schedulers and feedback forms

First of all, I’m back! I’ve been devoting any writing energy to some article revisions, but now those are all submitted and I don’t have to feel guilty about cheating on my article with my blog. What a relief. Anyway, this morning I spent nearly all of my time shirking other responsibilities in order to

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We’re Published! “Swimming the Matrix: A Dialogue on Teaching Undergraduate Research”

Danielle Theiss and Kiane Kovacs have edited and published a book inspired by the work and writings of Barbara Fister, one of the librarians I most respect in the profession for her complex thinking, clear writing, and general all around amazingness as a person. The book itself has chapters of all kinds, each of which

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