Remembering Toff

Toff the campus cat lived a charmed life here, sneaking into dorm rooms, sauntering up to the reference desk, or serving as greeter in the student union. His Facebook page was very popular, and he’d use it to tell us what he’d been up. Each year on his April 1st birthday the food service on

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Uncovering Research Practices in Student Writing

When I was a baby librarian, I thought Information Literacy was about searching and evaluating. The ACRL standards had some other stuff in there, but it seemed like abstract stuff that I couldn’t do much about. Keywords, operators, relevance, currency, authority — just learn the formula and my work here is done. No wonder librarians

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Come Be My Boss

Our director here at the Carleton library has announced his retirement, which means that we’re going to need a new director. I’m not sugar-coating this at all when I say that I’ve never worked with such a wonderful and functional group (and I’ve worked with some wonderful people in my lifetime). If you’ve been reading

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