States Propose Legislation Criminalizing Protests: The source documents behind the news

Passions are running high on the topic of protests. Some States have proposed legislation that would criminalize certain protest behaviors, and I was asked for informationĀ on exactly what they’re proposing and whether these proposals run afoul of our Constitutional rights. With my usual caveats for this series,* here’s what I’ve found as I track down

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Public Lands and Environmental Protections Actions Under the 115th Congress and the Trump Administration: The source documents behind the news

By popular request, and subject to my typical caveats for this series,* I’ve been digging up primary sources having to do with recent public lands and environmental actions by Congress and President Trump. (This is a long one, and even more of a primary source overload than usual…) Here is a list of all House

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New Congresses Undoing the Legislation of Previous Administrations: The source documents behind the news

People talk about Congress “rolling back” or “reversing” various legislation from the Obama administration. People who didn’t like that original legislation are relieved, and people who did like it feel cheated. So can they really do that so easily? What’s on the chopping block? And is this different from previous changes in Congressional or Executive

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