Birth 2.0

Congratulations to Jason and Betsy, and welcome little Eliza!!! This is the first birth I’ve ever followed on Twitter. I’m sure most of Jason’s 100+ followers were obsessively checking their Twitter feeds for baby updates throughout the day yesterday. I know I was. Then there was the tense 5-hour absence of updates while friends posted

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Writing with Numbers: a Faculty Workshop

Today was the last day of the annual faculty workshop sponsored by our writing program. This year we’re reprising a topic from two years ago: Writing with Numbers. The idea being that students often have minimal expertise in integrating numerical evidence into their papers regardless of whether the paper is primarily about numerical evidence or

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Search is Search

Yesterday, an Academic Technologist, another librarian, and I joined forces to lead a workshop called “Finding Your Stuff in Zimbra.” The technologists thought there should be a session on email searching, and they figured librarians must know a thing or two about search, and so this session was spawned. The session itself was fairly uneventful.

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