The Problem of the Younger Generation

I O.D.ed on millennial generalizations after only three professional conferences and meetings last year and have since consciously avoided sessions about those crazy aliens we’ve spawned. So maybe I’m not educated enough on the topic to have an authoritative opinion. But that doesn’t stop me having a non-authoritative opinion, and here it is: throughout all

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I just realized that today marks my second anniversary as a librarian at Carleton (and, incidentally, it’s also my co-worker’s birthday). It’s incredibly cliche, but it feels simultaneously like I’ve been here a couple of months and a couple of lifetimes. Anniversaries are strange things. They make me all gushy about the good times, but

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Reunion Weekend

Over 2000 alums are here this weekend for the annual reunion festivities. 2000 may not sound like a lot to some people, but when you consider that it’s just over the number of students we support each year, you can get a sense of how full the campus seems at the moment. Here in the

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Navigating Copyright Agreements

I’ve been learning more and more about copyright ever since I landed in the group on campus that wrote our copyright policy. But I’ve almost exclusively learned about copyright from the content user’s perspective rather than the content creator’s perspective. Well, lately I’ve begun to learn about that other side of copyright law. A few

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