The Future of Our Catalog

I spent all day today at a school two hours northwest of my school meeting with a bunch of librarians of all kinds (including library directors) who work at private colleges in Minnesota. On the agenda: contemplating the future of our catalogs. Four groups of librarians presented their visions of what this future might look

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Best, Iris

As a child, I remember writing letters to grandma, having them carefully proof-read by my mom, and then copying them onto “real” paper before sending them off. Each letter was signed “Love, Iris” in that wobbly block writing of mine. In fact, that’s how I signed all of my correspondence. And it worked pretty well

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Looking Back

One of the most interesting things about going to two conferences in three weeks is that the contrasts between them become much more apparent. Take, for example, the dress codes. ACRL was definitely on the business casual side. We all looked exactly like what we were: 3200 librarians. At CIL, things were a little more

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